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Engaging Our People

Keurig Canada employees are passionate about their work, enabling the success of our business while helping our Company brew a better world. We hire individuals with a value set that is aligned to our Company’s. Once employed with us, they choose to stay with us because they want to contribute to our purpose, mission, and vision. We aim to actively contribute to communities while empowering our employees to get involved and create positive change in the places where we do business around the world.

2020 target Engage 100% of employees to understand our vision and values and present opportunities that allow them to contribute to our targets.

Fiscal 2016 progress


The percentage of employees engaged in a sustainability program or education initiative.

Two key ways we engage our people is through our volunteerism programs — a cornerstone of our Company’s culture — and our matching donations program. 

Community Action for Employees (CAFE)

Our Community Action For Employees program, better known as CAFE, entitles every full-time Keurig Green Mountain employee to 52 paid volunteer hours each year. Part-time employees can also participate at a rate of 2.5% of their working hours. In addition to encouraging our employees' active involvement with local non-profit organizations, this program positively impacts the local communities!


Through our Dollars-4-Doers program, we recognize the efforts of our employees who volunteer for a registered charity after working hours. When an employee volunteers at least 25 hours for a registered charity, we recognize their involvement by donating $250 to that organization.

Employee Donation Match

We also match individual employee donations to charitable organizations at 100% (up to $1,000 per fiscal year). Through this program, employees decide which organizations they support and, through the matching donation benefit, double the amount of money that is donated to that organization.

Employee Source Trips

We want to help employees truly understand the full impact of our business — so we take them back to the source — literally. For more than two decades, our Company has sent groups of employees to coffee-farming communities. This experience shows them where our products come from and gives them a deeper connection to the process and the people who are involved at the very earliest stages of our value chain.

Engaging Our Communities

Thriving communities support our business — and our business supports local communities. Keurig Green Mountain has a rich history of creating positive and sustainable change in the places where employees live and work. We strive to make a difference on important social and environmental challenges that communities within our North American operations face through community investments and product donations.

To learn more about our Product donations program and to submit a request, please see links below:

Our fiscal 2016 product donations resulted in:


Brewers donated to support charitable fundraising and non-profit programs


Four Hands

Organizations supported through product donations

To find out more about how we engage with local communities, see our most recent Sustainability Report