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Environmental Responsibility

One of our core values is to Brew a Better World. With that as our aim, we work to design, source, and manufacture products that benefit the communities we touch while minimizing our environmental impact. Our primary emphasis is on recyclability as we focus our resources on converting all of our K-Cup® pods in Canada to a recyclable format by the end of 2018 – two years ahead of our North American goal of 2020.

Our solution is simple: the pods are designed so consumers can peel off the foil lid, compost the coffee grounds, and recycle the #5 plastic cup, alongside other recyclable containers from your home, in local community recycling programs.

Keurig® has been partnering with recyclers across North America for the past two years to ensure that our pods are valued and can easily travel from recycling bins at homes to recovery facilities to a useful second life as a new durable good.

Learn more about our progress on Recyclable K-Cup® pods in our Fiscal 2016 Sustainability Report.

2020 target 100% of K-Cup® pods will be recyclable.

Fiscal 2016 progress

First recyclable K-Cup® pods available in 2016.
All Canadian K-Cup® pods will be recyclable by the end of 2018.

We also continue to prioritize efficient operations, programs that address product waste, and ongoing research to better understand the impacts of our value chain.

Understanding Our Impacts

From the design of our coffee makers and the cultivation of coffee and tea, all the way through end-of-life disposal, we aim to understand our impacts and leave communities and people better off as the result of our business. We use tools such as life-cycle assessments and GHG and water footprinting to achieve a good understanding of the impacts our products have across the value chain. We use that knowledge to improve our decision-making so our products become more sustainable over time.

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Clean Water

Water is a critical natural resource that is strategically important to our Company, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate. Our direct operations don’t require a lot of water, but water is an essential ingredient for the beverages consumers make using the Keurig® system. We seek to understand water use across our coffee value chain and work to connect people to clean water and restore water to people and nature.

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Our Operations

Keurig prioritizes responsible management of our operations as one aspect of our work to create more sustainable products. We strive to use resources efficiently and reduce our environmental impacts by focusing on energy use, GHG emissions, and waste diversion. For the past few years, we have been steadily increasing the amount of waste we divert from landfill, and in fiscal 2016, we achieved a 93% overall diversion rate.

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