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Our Company

A Powerful Vision, A Powerful Mission

As a company, we’ve blended the disruptive innovation of a leading-edge technology company with the consumer focus of a socially conscious, premium coffee company. That combination creates the ultimate beverage experience, because:

  • We take a fresh approach to beverage-making, passionately believing all consumers deserve to drink for themselves.
  • With the touch of a button, we enable consumers to self-create high-quality beverages that personally satisfy any in-the-moment beverage need, as well as those of their families and guests.
  • As a 21st century beverage business, we are rethinking it all. We’re not just looking toward the future, we’re actually defining it. We’ve blended the disruptive innovation of a leading-edge technology business with the consumer-centricity of a socially-conscious packaged goods company.
  • Believing in personal choice, we’ve opened up our system to other beverage partners, giving their brands a new means to reach and delight their consumers, as we do ours.  And we collaborate with our retail partners to ensure their shoppers drink up this new world of choice.
  • Personal satisfaction requires knowing that you are part of something good, so we’ve set ambitious sustainability goals designed to ensure our approach has a net positive effect on the world.