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Job Seekers

Workplace Excellence and Sustainability

Community Action for Employees (CAFE) Program

Employees are encouraged to volunteer during normal work hours for up to 52 hours per fiscal year (without losing any wages) with non-profit organizations of their choice.

Employee Donation Match Program

Keurig Canada will match each of its employees' charitable donations to registered charities for a value of up to $1,000 per fiscal year.

Employee Trips to Source

We sponsor trips for selected employees to coffee-origin countries such as Nicaragua, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Participants become immersed in the lifestyle and culture of our supply-chain partners and learn more about coffee growing, from tree to cup.

Scholarship Program

Every year, Keurig Canada awards up to 20 scholarships to employees' children who are pursuing, or plan to pursue, an undergraduate or graduate education. This is just one way we show how much we care for our employees and their families.

Years-of-Service Recognition Awards

These awards are a way for us to recognize how much we value loyalty, hard work and longevity with Keurig Canada.

Click here, if you want to have more information about these programs or about our commitment to sustainability.