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Job Seekers

Supply Chain and production

The professionals in our Supply Chain and production group are at the heart and soul of what we do. They work in production, supply, engineering and operations, maintenance, procurement, quality control and distribution. Their love for their work comes through in the products they create.

Here are some of their stories:


Project Engineer, Mark says that the sheer variety in his job is a reward in itself: "From the receipt of raw material right up to the packaging of the final product, we get to optimize production at every step." But the satisfaction, he adds, also comes from "getting to wear both the engineer hat and the manager hat—the engineering department is really a small group, so you can make a significant difference". He's surprised at how quickly the doors have opened: "When I first applied for a job here, I never imagined that I would manage such a large-scale project!", explaining how he's now project manager for the expansion of a processing facility in Montreal. "There are a lot of opportunities here... If you prove you are ready for a challenge, your chance will come."


A Maintenance Technician, Roger is another Keurig employee who just loves challenges. And he gets them: "My team has to squeeze the most out of the production line, while quickly fixing any problems as they arise". He most esteems the corporate value We Partner for Mutual Success, because he says it has an immediate positive impact on workplace safety—a prime concern for him: "The program we've put in place brings together Production, Maintenance and Management to provide a safe work environment for every employee", he explains. Want to get him excited? Ask him about his creation, called "The Sphinx", which now benefits the entire production line in Montreal (good ideas go a long way at Keurig). Were it only up to him, by 2050 there would be a brewer... in every spacecraft.


As Product Planning Manager, Édouard is certainly in high demand. With family responsibilities and an MBA in progress, now there's someone who's obviously up for a challenge; the drive for continuous innovation and potential for growth are the top reasons why he joined Keurig Canada. Closely involved with the entire supply chain, he's pleasantly surprised that "routine tasks make up such a small part of my daily workload!", and he explains how the corporate value We Partner for Mutual Success is much more than just words: "We are boundaryless in the way we work with different key stakeholders from every department, every day". This level of involvement and challenge keep him on a natural high that only caramel—his favorite—can match; if he were a K-Cup® pack, you guessed it, he says it would be Timothy’s® Dulce De Leche.