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Professional Services

Everyone at Keurig Canada is dedicated to supporting our colleagues. For our Professional Services team, in particular, serving a rapidly growing company is a fulltime job. Their responsibility is to ensure everyone in business operations has the tools and resources they need to attain their objectives. 


"FAST, stimulating and caffeinated": that's how Kenza, Web Marketing Manager for Keurig Canada, describes her typical work day, which starts by checking the latest company results on Google Analytics (while treating herself to a cappuccino when the results are really good). "I always have to stay abreast of what’s up and coming in the digital marketing world, she explains. I'm most proud of the innovative email marketing program we've created; it's completely responsive to mobile devices." "Thinking outside the box" (and inside the cup) is clearly her forte, and she motivates her whole team to keep a fresh mind that benefits everyone and every project. Which K-Cup® pack would she be, if given a choice? "Island Coconut!, she answers promptly; sweet, fun, and exotic!"


At Keurig, love of a challenge is everywhere. Caterina, a Junior Accountant, is no exception: "The company is growing so quickly... it brings about great opportunities and new challenges, which really keeps you on your toes", she says. And, from toes to taste buds, "Working for a beverage company really does have its perks...", she admits. "When you arrive at the office, you have such a great selection to choose from!" Then, as the day swings into high gear, her team is there for her—and vice-versa: "I like how we meet the challenges that come our way by bringing our forces together". For her, there's just no better way to give life to her favorite corporate value: We Play to Win.


Ask Ian what's most gratifying about his job as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Advisor, and he'll tell you that "There's nothing like ending my day with satisfied clients." And what a day it is! "I prioritize all pending requests, answer a maximum of phone calls, and keep records of everything", he explains. "I really enjoy what I do; it's challenging and I learn new things almost every day." What was the first thing that drew him in? "I was so impressed by the commitment of Keurig Canada towards its staff and the community; I wanted to bring my own contribution to that special team." When asked to describe his work environment in five words or less, he spontaneously echoes many other Keurig employees' inclination: "Work together for better results".


It's often the little things that give full flavor to a workday... Nadia, Supervisor Master Data Management (MDM), agrees: "The great part of working near the roasting plants is the smell that greets you in the morning as you park your car", she enthuses. She goes on to praise the human quality that infuses her entire day: "Whether I'm planning new releases or resolving day-to-day issues, there’s a sense of team and a can-do attitude that makes it feel like more than just work—it’s a real family." She's been amazed at how extended that family is turning out to be: "Keurig is breaking all the boundaries I had come to expect in business partnerships! I feel lucky to be part of a company that's breaking the mold with its core value We Partner for Mutual Success."